April 7

April Photo A Day: Shadow

The lava lamps in our bedroom cast such a neat shadow on the ceiling.


April 6

April Photo A Day: Lunch

Today we didn’t have lunch, so I’m taking a picture of lunch on the 7th. Seder leftovers – spinach stuffing and gefilte fish with horseradish.

April 5


April Photo A Day: Tiny

Mona feet, still swimming in the one pair of newborn shoes that neither of her siblings ever wore.

April 4


April Photo A Day: Someone Who Makes You Happy

I’m not a morning person, but these two faces make it easier.

April 1


April Photo A Day: My Reflection

Not only does everyone say he looks like me, but you can see a bit of my reflection in his glasses.

April 3


April Photo A Day: Mail

Ariel, the letter-writing and envelope-decorating queen.

April 2


April Photo A Day: Color

Part of my button stash.