Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

Today was a great, busy day. Toby’s friends Dante (6) and Zoe (2.5) came over to play, while their mother Nean and I went out to lunch with a friend. Toby’s favorite babysitter, Maddie, hung out with them and made sure nobody killed anyone else. It was wonderfully relaxing for us mommies and the kids had lots of fun.

Toby has started potty learning, so we do naked time when I’m having a good day and feeling like I can handle a few accidents. He did SO well today, and gave me a perfect photo op.

From Drop Box

Yes, that’s Toby, naked as a jaybird, sanding the walls with his Pop-Pop’s sander. I have such a diligent son.

The highlight of the day, however, was when Grammy, Grandmama, Abuelo, and Aunt Julie came over! There were lots of presents, hugging, and catching up, and I got a fun photo of Nomi and Abuelo before heading out to dinner.

From Drop Box

Many more pictures to come in the next couple of days, to be sure!