The Food Update

Toby has had issues surrounding food for his whole life, and we have been on diet after diet to see if we could isolate exactly what foods were triggering his reactions. We had seen doctor after doctor and even an allergist, trying to find a reason.

We went to a specialist, and FINALLY got a pretty good answer for at least SOME of the problems we’ve been having.

Toby didn’t test positive for any allergies or intolerances again. He did, however, test positive for an intestinal parasite. The doctor believes that the “food reactions” we were seeing were actually the life cycle of the parasite, flaring up, laying eggs, dying, and then becoming dormant again. That’s why it seemed so random. We still need to ask about peanuts, since we saw a reaction every time to them.

The most interesting part is that she tested me as well. Apparently, I tested most strongly reactive to dairy (lactose and casein), eggs, and oats. She also thinks that I have the same parasite (and passed it to Toby), which is causing my weight to drop drastically and assorted other issues.


Toby can now eat whatever he wants (yay!), and I am totally off all dairy, eggs, and oats. It’s REALLY tough, but I’m already feeling better – without ever knowing I was feeling badly to begin with. We’re hoping I can go back on the foods that I can’t eat once my gut is healed.

We are both on a detox program – Toby on a kid’s detox and me on a very light one, so that Nomi will get some of the detox, but it won’t shock her system. We check in every week to evaluate progress.

I’ll keep you updated as things go on, but this is VERY good news!