Little Man Four-Eyes

Welp, it’s official. Toby is getting glasses.

It started with his goopy eye and then his nasolacrymal duct surgery to clear it out.

Surgery went well, then we went back for a series of exams to determine his ability to see. Turns out, he is hyperopic (farsighted) and amblyopic (lazy eye), and having lots of trouble seeing.

Isn’t he cute?? He loved the yellow glasses with the interchangeable lenses. We are participating in a research study on treatments for kids with amblyopia, so we got free glasses (woo hoo!) and Toby really enjoyed trying on the different glasses.

So we go pick them up sometime next week and he will be in them full-time. Pics will be posted when we get them!

March 5


March Photo A Day: A Smile

One of the first shots I’ve gotten of a real smile from Mona!

One Month Old!

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We had quite the dilemma deciding when exactly Mona was going to “turn over” her months, being born on the 31st of January. We decided that we would observe the last day of every month as her “monthly birthdays.”

Hard to believe she’s already been with us for a whole month!

Two Weeks

Mona turned two weeks old on Tuesday night. To celebrate, Paula (our midwife) showed up to weigh her and do her newborn screening and hearing test mandated by the State of PA. She was less than thrilled by the heel stick, but we got what we needed and she passed the hearing test with flying colors.

Paula brought her daughter (and my special buddy) Amanda to see Mona too. Amanda loves little girl babies, so was thrilled to hold her.

Mona weighed in at 7lb, 10oz, meaning in two weeks she was back to her birth weight. I’m excited to get back to prenatals with Paula. We’ll probably start back with the birth work in March.

Happy two weeks, Mona!


First Bath!


Mona enjoyed her first bath today! She seemed to love the water and was quiet and alert the whole time. I’m amazed!

Belly buttons


Look who got her big girl belly button yesterday!

The Food Update

Toby has had issues surrounding food for his whole life, and we have been on diet after diet to see if we could isolate exactly what foods were triggering his reactions. We had seen doctor after doctor and even an allergist, trying to find a reason.

We went to a specialist, and FINALLY got a pretty good answer for at least SOME of the problems we’ve been having.

Toby didn’t test positive for any allergies or intolerances again. He did, however, test positive for an intestinal parasite. The doctor believes that the “food reactions” we were seeing were actually the life cycle of the parasite, flaring up, laying eggs, dying, and then becoming dormant again. That’s why it seemed so random. We still need to ask about peanuts, since we saw a reaction every time to them.

The most interesting part is that she tested me as well. Apparently, I tested most strongly reactive to dairy (lactose and casein), eggs, and oats. She also thinks that I have the same parasite (and passed it to Toby), which is causing my weight to drop drastically and assorted other issues.


Toby can now eat whatever he wants (yay!), and I am totally off all dairy, eggs, and oats. It’s REALLY tough, but I’m already feeling better – without ever knowing I was feeling badly to begin with. We’re hoping I can go back on the foods that I can’t eat once my gut is healed.

We are both on a detox program – Toby on a kid’s detox and me on a very light one, so that Nomi will get some of the detox, but it won’t shock her system. We check in every week to evaluate progress.

I’ll keep you updated as things go on, but this is VERY good news!



September is crazy around here. We’re currently in the middle of the Great Stink Bug Invasion, and are under the opinion that China can have these bugs back. They’re horrible. Here’s just a normal day at our place (those bugs are on the INSIDE).

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We’ve found a great playground called Daniel’s Den, and Toby has been loving the rings.

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Here are some fun pics of Nomi, who is now reliably sitting up and getting sweeter and more adorable every day.

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We’re in the middle of Sukkot right now, so some fun fall pictures will be coming soon.

Pictures from the visit

Here are some pictures from Gram & Gramps’ visit to Conestoga!

I apologize for not updating recently. I’ll get back into things as things calm down over here and we get back into a routine.

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Nomi is sitting up!

Busy, busy!

It’s been a while since we updated last. The kids are napping

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so I’ll take a bit of time to update.

This week, we’ve found out what happens when you give a 2 year old a Hershey bar

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We also did some canning, so Toby played with the pots and pans on the floor

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… and climbed into the lazy susan.

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Remember that pumpkin? It’s orange now!

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We also took a few walks and Toby was entranced by this bird on the telephone wires.

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Naomi enjoyed her first run-in with a toy on Monday.

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Toby studied up for our Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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He goofed off by putting his sister’s socks on his hands, too. Strange little guy!

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Toby also spent the whole day Wednesday with NO DIAPER! He’s getting very good at pottying.

Busy week and busy kids!

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