Spring Walk

We took a walk today, as the weather was so perfect.

I was fascinated by the hyacinths in the yard – we have pink, purple, and white (and neither of us remembered planting pink ones!).

I found the tiniest little daffodil in a neighbor’s yard.

Toby and Nomi enjoyed some time on the playground at the church just a few houses down from us.

The trees were all budding.

The slide, of course, was a big hit.

Daddy and Mona snuggled in the tire swing.

The kids enjoyed posing for pictures.

Nomi needed a bit of help getting up the ladder, but managed it pretty well.

Toby is getting too big for his tricycle. It’ll go to Nomi soon.

Soon we got bored of the playground and decided to keep walking down the street.

Daddy and I took lots of pictures – I took over 150 on the walk alone!

We stopped and spoke to a neighbor who had just gotten his family farm (in the family since the ’20s) preserved by the Lancaster Farmland Trust. He was so excited, and it’s great to see some of the idyllic Pennsylvania countryside preserved from development.

Mona was still wide awake and just hanging out on Daddy’s shoulder when we reached home again.

I hope our spring will be full of these walks. We live in such a beautiful place.


March 7


March Photo A Day: Something You Wore

It’s Purim, so we all dressed up and enjoyed the megilla reading. Toby was a stink bug (he made the costume himself), Nomi was a cowpoke, Mona was a bumblebee, and I was a leopard.

March 5


March Photo A Day: A Smile

One of the first shots I’ve gotten of a real smile from Mona!

My girls



Been playing with some of the filters on the phone today. Here are some results. Nomi is obsessed with her boots, so you will see most pictures of her are while wearing them.

One Month Old!

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We had quite the dilemma deciding when exactly Mona was going to “turn over” her months, being born on the 31st of January. We decided that we would observe the last day of every month as her “monthly birthdays.”

Hard to believe she’s already been with us for a whole month!

Three Weeks!

Three weeks old!

Two Weeks

Mona turned two weeks old on Tuesday night. To celebrate, Paula (our midwife) showed up to weigh her and do her newborn screening and hearing test mandated by the State of PA. She was less than thrilled by the heel stick, but we got what we needed and she passed the hearing test with flying colors.

Paula brought her daughter (and my special buddy) Amanda to see Mona too. Amanda loves little girl babies, so was thrilled to hold her.

Mona weighed in at 7lb, 10oz, meaning in two weeks she was back to her birth weight. I’m excited to get back to prenatals with Paula. We’ll probably start back with the birth work in March.

Happy two weeks, Mona!


First Bath!


Mona enjoyed her first bath today! She seemed to love the water and was quiet and alert the whole time. I’m amazed!

February 11


Makes Me Happy: Our homebrew!

This one is the one that we were brewing when I went into labor with Mona. We’re calling it “Mona’s Birthday Ale.”

Belly buttons


Look who got her big girl belly button yesterday!

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