April 7

April Photo A Day: Shadow

The lava lamps in our bedroom cast such a neat shadow on the ceiling.

April 6

April Photo A Day: Lunch

Today we didn’t have lunch, so I’m taking a picture of lunch on the 7th. Seder leftovers – spinach stuffing and gefilte fish with horseradish.

April 5


April Photo A Day: Tiny

Mona feet, still swimming in the one pair of newborn shoes that neither of her siblings ever wore.

April 4


April Photo A Day: Someone Who Makes You Happy

I’m not a morning person, but these two faces make it easier.

April 1


April Photo A Day: My Reflection

Not only does everyone say he looks like me, but you can see a bit of my reflection in his glasses.

April 3


April Photo A Day: Mail

Ariel, the letter-writing and envelope-decorating queen.

April 2


April Photo A Day: Color

Part of my button stash.

March 24

March Photo A Day: An Animal

This is the “bad cat” from “Big Cat, Small Cat,” Toby’s favorite book. Whenever he sees this guy, he gets really excited and says “He’s MAAAAAAAAAD!!!”

March 20

March Photo A Day: Before/After

Before: Making stromboli. After: ‘Bolis and beer.

March 18

March Photo A Day: A Corner of Your Home

This is my favorite corner in the bedroom. I feel like I’ve posted this exact picture a few times before, but I love love love this place.

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