March 20

March Photo A Day: Before/After

Before: Making stromboli. After: ‘Bolis and beer.


Spring Walk

We took a walk today, as the weather was so perfect.

I was fascinated by the hyacinths in the yard – we have pink, purple, and white (and neither of us remembered planting pink ones!).

I found the tiniest little daffodil in a neighbor’s yard.

Toby and Nomi enjoyed some time on the playground at the church just a few houses down from us.

The trees were all budding.

The slide, of course, was a big hit.

Daddy and Mona snuggled in the tire swing.

The kids enjoyed posing for pictures.

Nomi needed a bit of help getting up the ladder, but managed it pretty well.

Toby is getting too big for his tricycle. It’ll go to Nomi soon.

Soon we got bored of the playground and decided to keep walking down the street.

Daddy and I took lots of pictures – I took over 150 on the walk alone!

We stopped and spoke to a neighbor who had just gotten his family farm (in the family since the ’20s) preserved by the Lancaster Farmland Trust. He was so excited, and it’s great to see some of the idyllic Pennsylvania countryside preserved from development.

Mona was still wide awake and just hanging out on Daddy’s shoulder when we reached home again.

I hope our spring will be full of these walks. We live in such a beautiful place.

March 15

March Photo A Day: Car

Toby smiling in the back of the new Mazda 5. Kerry and I went to the Maryland HB1056 rally in Annapolis, MD and took 4 of the 6 kids we had between us! Not only did we survive, but we managed to fit me, Kerry, Toby, Nomi, Mona, and Remy (Kerry’s son) in the car. 1 front-facing car seat and 3 rear-facing car seats. We were very proud.

March 7


March Photo A Day: Something You Wore

It’s Purim, so we all dressed up and enjoyed the megilla reading. Toby was a stink bug (he made the costume himself), Nomi was a cowpoke, Mona was a bumblebee, and I was a leopard.

Little Man Four-Eyes

Welp, it’s official. Toby is getting glasses.

It started with his goopy eye and then his nasolacrymal duct surgery to clear it out.

Surgery went well, then we went back for a series of exams to determine his ability to see. Turns out, he is hyperopic (farsighted) and amblyopic (lazy eye), and having lots of trouble seeing.

Isn’t he cute?? He loved the yellow glasses with the interchangeable lenses. We are participating in a research study on treatments for kids with amblyopia, so we got free glasses (woo hoo!) and Toby really enjoyed trying on the different glasses.

So we go pick them up sometime next week and he will be in them full-time. Pics will be posted when we get them!

February 27

February Photo A Day: Something You Ate

We celebrated Kevin’s birthday at a hibachi restaurant. Toby was having lots of fun with the chopsticks, while Nomi stuck with the fork. Our pasta boy ate his weight in rice and lo mein noodles, while Nomi ate all the teriyaki chicken.

February 18


February Photo A Day: Drink

Breakfast time for Toby

February 14


February Photo A Day: Heart

Toby’s first quilt

Date Night & Naptime Progress







Today, Keith and I went on our first date night out since Mona was born. Toby and Nomi stayed home and hung out with Ariel while Keith, Mona, and I went to Iron Hill for dinner.

It was a long dinner – we spent about 3 hours hanging out and eating (it was super busy and had a wait to get in), but Mona slept the entire time! She woke up as we were leaving, but fell asleep again in the car. We were amazed.

Today we also tried something different for naptime – all of us sleeping in the master bedroom. Toby really wanted to sleep on our couch in our room and the idea was his, so I said I would give it a try. It worked beautifully, and the kids and I took a nice long nap. We are loving our new bedroom!

February 8


February Photo A Day: Sun

Gave the kids the prompt “draw me a sun” because it is snowing outside.

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